General Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service - SOMA B.V. Online trading Soma Garden

§ 1 Conclusion of the contract

1 Our prices are ex Doetinchen.

2 Our offers are binding (subject to change). All orders require written confirmation by us. The purchase contract comes off with this confirmation. When confirmation is the delivery of goods with delivery note and / or invoice, or sending an order confirmation via mail, e-mail Faxoder. The e-mail is automatically sent a confirmation of receipt of your order and confirmation of the purchase contract.

3 Verbal, telephonic and telegraphic agreements are only binding when they are subsequently confirmed in writing.

§ 2 Acceptance of the Goods

1 The cost of the purchase and shipment of the goods fall to the buyer load. The choice of the route and time of delivery in our discretion, unless the parties have expressly agreed otherwise.

2 Insurance of the goods, for example, transport insurance shall be borne by the purchaser.

§ 3 Delivery and delivery time

1 We are entitled to partial deliveries. currently Articles are not available, unless expressly provided otherwise, delivered at our discretion at delivery option along with subsequent orders or separately.

§ 4 Force Majeure

1 If events occur that prevent us from delivery, but are beyond our control, the delivery period shall be extended until the obstacle no longer exists.

2 The hindrance lasts longer than 6 months, the purchaser is entitled to withdraw from the contract claims for damages are excluded.

3 Paragraph 1 shall apply also in the case of strikes, shortages of raw materials or other malfunction that hinder unreasonable for us to delivery.

§ 5 purchase price and associated costs

1 Our prices are based on the current price list. To calculate the force on the day of delivery are incl VAT.

2 Postage and packing are charged at flat rate cost. The packaging is not taken back, and the disposal of the packaging, the buyer is included in the lump sum imputed cost.

3 We call for the current price list both contract amount limits for freight and packaging-free delivery, as well as small quantities surcharges, express charges, quantity discounts and scale prices.

§ 6 Payment of the purchase price

1 Unless otherwise expressly agreed, payments are due immediately without deduction. We are not obliged to accept bills of exchange or checks as payment. You are accepted, the acceptance is only half the account of performance. Payment and discount costs, as well taxes paid by the buyer. These costs will be billed to the buyer separately invoiced and payable immediately.

2 Repair services are payable immediately without deduction.

§ 7 Warranty and Damages

1 The goods must be inspected immediately upon arrival at destination. If the inspection so any warranty for defects in the goods is excluded.

2 The nature of the goods shall be deemed approved if no complaints are received after the goods arrive at their destination within 8 days with us. This also applies to goods which was breits exchanged.

3 If the goods are defective, we may rectify or replace at our discretion. If the repair fails or if the replacement delivery is defective, the buyer is entitled to demand a reduction or conversion.

4 A resulting loss in transit, we can only liquidate, if you have made a statement of facts with the participation of the transporter and sent to us with the original shipping documents for you with the insurer.

5 Claims for damages are excluded unless we are guilty of intent or gross negligence. Damage will only be replaced if you are caused to the item itself.

§ 8 Retention of title

1 We provide reservation of ownership. The delivered goods remain our property until full payment of the purchase price.

2 The authorization to collect the buyer goes out without our express declaration, if the buyer stops making payments.

3 A garnishment or seizure of the reserved goods to us immediately, our intervention costs will be borne by the purchaser.

4 The buyer shall store the goods carefully and at its expense adequate against all risks (eg: theft and fire) to insure.

§ 9 Notes and Supplements

1 Payment of the purchase price:

The payment of the purchase price will generally advance.

It is essential to quote the reference number and the name on the bank transfer so that the payment can be assigned by us.

The valid bank account can be found in the imprint.

A payment on open account, we reject in principle.

2 Shipping:

We calculate the shipping method you selected. We are always striving to select the offer lowest shipping cost and shipping way. We currently ship with TNT.

3 Shipment insurance

All deliveries are insured


Inclusive charge: 4,90 € from 80, - € value of goods free shipping

§ 10 Wiederrufsbelehrung / Return

1 The withdrawal of defects in goods condition and free of defects in packaging is possible at any time.

3 The goods are free of Soma B.V. returned. Freight collect returns will not be accepted by us! If you want to return something, for the purpose of complaint, or cancellation, please let us know using the following contact:

§ 11 damage

PO. Box 375
7000 AJ Doetinchem
The Netherlands

VAT: NL814761112B01

Please refer to the general conditions of insurance for damage in transit. Otherwise legitimate claims must be rejected under certain circumstances.

The above terms and conditions are valid only for SomaGarden. If individual clauses or parts of clauses of these Terms is invalid, all other provisions remain valid.

For questions about shipping:

§ 12 Right to make changes

PO. Box 375
7000 AJ Doetinchem
The Netherlands

VAT: NL814761112B01

The merchandise is exemplified by the Internet pictures. The goods actually delivered may differ from those shown. We reserve the right to make changes which serve the development and improvement of products, as well as minor changes in color and dimensions of the products. In just the natural material wood can cause natural variations in color or work through the material to dimensional changes. The seller is entitled to deliver the modified version of the purchased item. If the goods ordered are no longer available, the seller has the right not to deliver the goods.

§ 13 Protection Clause

The purchaser agrees to the written, online or telephone order, to be bound by our terms `s In particular, this applies to online orders. There are then only our terms of sale, if the sale by the purchaser deviating from our terms `s is confirmed, even if we do not disagree. Thus, deviations are only valid if they have been accepted by us in writing.

§ 14 clause inclusion

The offer, the order and the contract are exclusively based on our Terms and Conditions. The terms and conditions also apply to all future transactions between the parties, without it needing to be advised of the rules.

§ 15 Prohibition of Assignment

The assignment of rights and / or the acceptance of the obligations of the buyer under the contract of sale are not permitted without written consent of the seller.


Performance for deliveries and payments is Doetinchen. Jurisdiction for both parties is Doetinchen extent permitted by law. It is governed by Dutch law.


A liability for the products we distribute and services resulting from the statutory scheme. We dissociate ourselves from the contents of used on our online presentation links to other sites.

Final determination

One occurred due to a change supreme court jurisprudence partial invalidity of these Terms and Conditions shall not affect the validity of a contract concluded in the other points.